Sylvain Tousignant, directeur du développement au Bureau du taxi de Montréal, a été nommé « GAGNANT – Régulateur de l’année » à la 31e conférence annuelle de l’IATR (International Association of Transportation Regulators )


Congratulating our Regulator and Driver of the Year


 Sylvain Tousignant, Development Director of the Ville de Montreal (Bureau de Taxi)


With more than 20 years of experience in change management, sales and public service, Sylvain Tousignant oversees Montréal taxis industry’s revitalization and development strategies. He works closely with prominent industry partners, different levels of government along with regional tourism associations to establish and strengthen Montréal taxi industry attractiveness.

His accomplishments include the rebrand of Montréal taxis with a fresh, two-tone bright color scheme that says « Bonjour » to all Montréal clients. He also managed the creation of the Taxi Register – an open data platform that shows where all taxis are located in real-time – making data available to taxi companies and developers of mobile technology solutions.

Sylvain holds a vision to make Montréal taxis a competitive, agile and attractive industry. He is known for his participative leadership and team spirit. He systematically includes consultation and valorization of each of the stakeholders in his approach.

Also, Sylvain is highly involved in his community and sits on the boards of directors of several committees and non profit organizations. In particular, he is Chair of IATR Canadian Regulators Committee and member of IATR Technology and Innovation Committee.

Left to right: Matt Daus (IATR President), Ernest Chrappah (Director of DC Department of For-Hire Vehicles, 2017 Regulator of the Year), Sylvain Tousignant (Development Director of the Ville de Montreal, 2018 Regulator of the Year), James Ney (IATR Board Chair & Conference Host)

Source : IATR


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